Autodesk’s Navisworks Manage Tips & Tricks

  • When opening the Options Editor hold down the “Shift” key, this enables the Advanced Options allowing much greater flexibility in change settings, viewport export sizes, etc
  •  Changed the Navigation speed when it gets out of control. It is set by the overall scene size
  • navis
  • Changed the Clash Report HTML format or Viewpoints Report via the .xsl files located in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Manage 2014\en-US\stylesheets\
  • If objects look distorted in certain viewpoints check the Field of View (F.O.V. in Viewpoint Tab).  A good starting point is between 45 or 65 degrees and can be adjusted depending on what/how many objects you want to be your main point of focus.

Leica Cyclone Tips & Tricks


Getting Started with Cyclone – Workflow

  1. Create a Database – Configure/Databases/ -> Add (COMPUTERNAME unshared) “PROJECT”
  2. Right click on PROJECT, Import Scanstation P20 Data/Import Scanstation P20 Project
  3. Navigate to Scans and select the project folder
    1. Select necessary options or keep default
    2. The recognize targets command will add duplicates of your targets if you select this and measured targets in the field
  4. Wait for import to complete (the *.imp database file is being created)
  5. Done

Creating Registration and Aligning Scans – Workflow

  1. Right click on project folder in Cyclone , Create/Registration
  2. Add ScanWorlds to Registration, ScanWorld/Add ScanWorld…
  3. Select all the scans that you want to align first (5 for best results)
  4. Set Constraints, Constraint/Auto Add Constraints
  5. Finish Alignments
    1. Option 1 – alignment is complete and scans can be Registered, Registration/Register
    2. Option 2 – alignment is not complete, Cloud to Cloud Registration is needed, Cloud Constraint/Cloud Constraint Wizard not enough targeted values between scans
      1. 2 targets from scan to scan are needed independent of other scans and all scans need to be tied to another one homogenously
      2. When finished with Option 2, go to Option 1
  6. Once Registered create ScanWorld, Registration/Create ScanWorld/Freeze Registration
  7. Create Modelspace, Registration/Create Modelspace

Best Practices

  • Save all your RAW scan files to the server
    • The files will be imported and a local file is created that can be passed to different team members (*.imp)
    • We want this data backed up at all costs
  • Use multiple Registrations for a faster alignment of more than 10 scans
  • Align ScanWorlds 5 scans @ a time
    • Use ScanWorld 1-5 as your first ScanWorld for 5-10
    • The 1-5 ScanWorld will have all targets from the scans 1 -> 5 adding accuracy

Workout Ethos – Goal Setting & Weight Training

**This post is quite personal. If you provide me with feedback (which is much appreciated) please be respectful of my open-ness.**

Do you smell that? That sweet, musty gym smell. We are here, the pre-workout is kicking in and it is time to lift those holy weights to the sky. “But why?” you ask yourself. Everyone’s answer is going to be different. Your answers will fuel your motivation, consistency, and faithfulness to your goals. Let’s define some goals and get pumping that “heavy ass weight”.

My primary goals for a healthy lifestyle (exercise and diet): health, athletic performance, muscle mass, and aesthetics. I will address my diet in a different post. Exercise can feel selfish in that we are taking our time away from somebody or something else. That is just too bad, it is important to think of ones self to invest in your longevity and health. A healthy lifestyle will pay off for yourself and everyone around you.

Workout Structure
Quick workouts – 45 to 60 min
4-6 different exercises per day
Isolate muscle groups (back day, arm day, shoulder/chest day, leg day)
Abs are made in the kitchen but keep that core strong
Mix up 3 sets of 10 with 5 sets of 5
No curls in the squat rack
Leg day before Friday

Day to Day Muscle Isolation
Day 1 – Back
Day 2 – Chest and Shoulders
Day 3 – Legs
Day 4 – Biceps and Triceps
Day 5 – Floating Day (make up day or double up on a muscle group) 
This order is always different week to week and not always 5 days in a row.

I typically live by the KISS method (keep it simple stupid). All of my exercises are basic primary exercises (bench press, shoulder press, bicep curls, triceps extensions, dips, squats, deadlifts, etc.). I have found great success with squats and deadlifts. Get someone to show you how to perform these correctly (YouTube is a great resource here, vet your sources) and watch your strength grow exponentially. Ladies, these are great for those Gluteus Maximus that us men rave over. There is no room in my workout for isolation of just the back half of my rear deltoid head. Simple is proven and works. Keep it that way until you are more knowledgeable and need to add something very specific to your physique.

I am not perfect but I strive for consistency, that is to say that if I miss a day I forget about it and keep going. I keep myself accountable to the gym. My motivation is defined by my goals. Set realistic, achievable goals and it will further fuel your motivation to keep going.